Lily Camera: A drone compatible iPhone that follows you everywhere

With the return of the beautiful days, sports fans will definitely appreciate this new device. Halfway between the GoPro and the Ardrone’nun, the Lily is a small autonomous UAV capable of filming his owner in the following with a GPS tracker worn on the wrist. Rather convenient to beautiful aerial images.
Waterproof (IP67 class) and equipped with a 12MP camera, the drone can shoot in 1080 p 60 FPS or 720 p at 120 fps. The aircraft can fly up to 40 km/h between 1.5 m and 15 m above its owner, at a maximum distance of 30 m. Flight autonomy announced after a load of 2 h is 20 minutes. The videos are when they recorded on a 4 GB microSD card.
Since GPS tracker used housing, it is possible to record synchronized sound with video and order some shooting modes such as: filming on the side, make a panorama, a circle, or take a picture. A companion application compatible iOS will also be available with these same functions, as well as a live streaming which is filmed by the camera.
Some important points to take into account. Firstly, it must be that the battery is not removable. Secondly, the drone is not equipped with an anti-collision system. In other words, if when that it you following an obstacle in its path, it will not avoid it! Note, however, that in an emergency, an order to stop the appliance in order to avoid the accident.
Lily Camera is available for pre-order here at a price of $499 for a delivery in February 2016. Please note that from 15 June, the price increases gradually until it reaches $ 999.
for more info. visit //

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